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Tyler Rae (@TylerTherapy) aka BAD MUTHAPUFFA, is a hard working mother who has mastered her talents in the world of Entertainment. With training in acting and music, attending performing arts schools since the age of 5, Tyler continues to pour her talents into the Cannabis Space. She thrives to bring creativity as well as quality content that represents the diversity and equality we need to see in the mainstream Cannabis Industry. Tyler is known for her Commercial Style Cannabis Content such as her jingles aka "Review Bops" and her Popular Commercial Remakes. Her NEXT LEVEL content really sets her aside from the rest! She serves as a true trailblazer for Women of Color. She inspires upcoming creators, influencers, consumers, women and mothers of all ages and stages. She is her own boss, as she has set out to build her PUFF Empire, following the birth of her first son and first elevated idea, "The Puff Show" as well as her alter ego BAD MUTHAPUFFA. Now Tyler manages to balance being an entertainer, entrepreneur, a social media-lite, an activist, and a mother all at the same time! Keep on PUFFIN with



Tyler is the founder of the Canna Mom OG Movement. She is also owner of The Puff TV Media Series (The Puff Show, The Morning Puff, The Late Puff, & The Puff Sesh), where quality cannabis content is born! She extends her talent and advocacy out to the community and hosts Elevated Seshes, ran by her family owned business, Elevate Sesh Events. Tyler's family is constantly raising the bar in the Sesh Game, providing safe and highly vibrational environments for cannabis consumers to network and enjoy like minded individuals amongst the space.